At Corient we manage end to end Business Process Outsourcing. Our Capabilities include managing sub process while we also take up end to end process management. Our Onshore and Offshore Capabilities puts us in unique position...



At Corient, we firmly believe that not only a Company should outsource its processes while it should also automate the processes. From the start of the engagement, we bring in tools and technology to bring your processes to world class platform.



In the current changed world things and business change at an exponential rate. New Technologies. New Sectors. New Ideas. New Inventions. The speed of change has even shaken the most rock solid businesses of the past. Each and every Organisations...

  • "Before outsourcing to Corient, we never had clarity on how we were doing financially. As a growing company we were always focussed on building brand and never got the hang of the financials. Since outsourcing to Corient, they have cleaned up the books, maintained ‘real time’ book keeping and managed complex reconciliations between us and our factoring agency. They have exceeded all my expectations and gone beyond working as a book keeping agency to acting as a Finance Controller. The detailed analysis they provide enables me to see the effectiveness of our sales strategy in ‘real-time’. They work seamlessly with our headquarter staff, providing information within hours and have saved us significant finance and interest costs. They have also managed enquiries from HMRC independently. All in all they have acted more as partners rather than suppliers"

    Ali Ehsan, Managing Director
    Boom Boom Cricket
  • "I have been working with Boom Boom for more than 2 years now but never before have I looked at accounts so closely. Since Corient started processing our books everything is right up to date and I have been getting daily reports showing what my sales have been and where I stand against my budget. I know exactly how much our customers owe us and where I need to do follow ups. Whenever I require them all my reports are just a click away."

    Paul Nash, Commercial Director
    Boom Boom Cricket
  • "Being Office Manager, I had to deal with so many other day to day activities that it was not possible for me to deal with bookkeeping work on my own and keeping on top of the finances was always a problem. Since Corient has taken over the accounting function, everything is always balanced and up to date allowing me time to concentrate on other issues. The team at Corient are friendly and very prompt with their responses and are always just a phone call away."

    Saima Ali, Office Manager
    Boom Boom Cricket
  • "Using Corient Business Solutions to manage our accounting function has not only saved us cost but it has also brought tremendous improvements to our accounting process. We now get monthly Management Accounts within days of the month end, with analysis across all cost centres something we never had previously. The ‘Management Dashboards’ give us an up to date snapshot of all the vital information we need to run our business effectively. The team at Corient understand our industry and business needs well. They are very supportive and proactive in delivering what they promise."

    Chris H, Managing Director
  • "As Office Manager, I had to deal with so many other day to day activities that it was not possible to deal with the bookkeeping work on my own. Since Corient has taken over the accounting function, it has allowed me to concentrate more on important issues like dealing with the local authority on various service users related matters. The team at Corient are efficient, helpful and very prompt with their responses and they are just one phone call away."

    Angela Clarke, Office Manager
  • "We were shying away from taking additional business as our hands were always tied up with the work on the table. We realised that Corient could help us in taking away the extra work we had. We tested the waters by giving them the most complex work and they not only did the work within the stipulated time but also with accuracy. Since we have been working with Corient they have been turning around work in 3-4 weeks which generally would have been sitting in our office for months. We have improved our cash flow, saved more than 50% in costs, got much better quality and have been taking on the extra work without getting worried how it would get done . We can rely 100% on Corient as a business partner"

    Steve Morfill
    Mr. Tax Limited
  • "Corient Business Solutions Ltd has been working with one of our clients managing payroll services before and after it went into receivership. When we started managing the affairs of the client, we continued utilising the services of Corient for managing the staff payroll. It was extremely important that during the transition of ownership of this business that staff morale was kept high to ensure “business as usual”. We have found Corient to be totally professional and 100% efficient in ensuring that payroll is processed accurately and on time. They have been proactive with me in following up all data requests and ensuring that everything is completed before the due dates. All in all, they have been excellent business partners to work with"

    Andrew Beastall, Partner
    Landport Group
  • "I was initially requested by Dutch clients to assist with setting up a payroll in India. Corient was recommended to me by a business contact as a firm who could assist . After the client and I provided information to Corient, Corient quickly prepared a report on the applicability of the Indian Laws to my clients, highlighting area s that the client needed to address in addition to payroll.. Further, they have been processing Indian payroll for my client for about 9months , accurately and efficiently and have helped them to comply with the local laws. Throughout the engagement, Corient have been professional, quick to respond and flexible to meet all our needs. They have exceeded my expectations"

    Christopher Burns, Partner
    Chris Burns Consulting
  • "We have always had a problem of accurately invoicing our clients and there was some gross under billing of our ‘fixed fee’ clients due to not analysing the time staff actually spent. We have tried using different time recording software in the past but we were not satisfied and hence started looking for time recording software which is simple, efficient, easy to use and reasonably priced. Corient has provided us with the solution. They spent time in understanding our requirement and customised the software to our demands. Unlike other software providers, they not only provided us with the software but also helped us installing/implementing it across the practice. Post implementation we requested quite a few changes which were done without any questions asked. We now know to the minute what our staff are doing, how much we should have billed our clients against what we have billed. It has also brought much needed transparency in staff appraisal system. I would certainly recommend this software to those accounting practices who are looking for easy, affordable yet dynamic time recording software "

    Jay Shah - Shah and Co