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Why should you outsource your payroll
Why should you outsource your payroll
Author: Corientz
Date: February 5, 2019
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With Making Tax Digital knocking the door, additional compliances and ever increasing demand for Value Added Services by clients, Accountants are being stretched in every direction.

Further, Payroll though straight forward process is not managed in most efficient way due to last minute information and changes by clients. One of the best solution is to outsource your payroll.

Here are 5 Top Benefits when you outsource your payroll function:

  1. Focus- You are able to focus on your practice rather than getting carried away in transactional work
  2. Costs- You are able to reduce the costs of payroll operations thus making it more profitable
  3. Value Added Services- Your staff which does multitasking of Book Keeping, Year End as well Payroll can focus on their core area and provide value-added services to your clients
  4. Hiring and Training- You need not hire any additional staff or train them if you get additional payroll business.
  5. Turnaround Time- With outsourcing, all services are delivered in agreed timelines so you do not need to worry about any delays in payroll processing