At Corient, we not only believe in managing the processes but also partnering with clients to improve the processes through the combination of Lean Sigma, Bottom Up Approach, Analytics, etc. Our methodology to improve the processes is by application of logics across the board. The application of methodology has helped in organisations to consistently perform well in volatile environments and provides them the ability to anticipate change, dexterity to adapt to new conditions and spirit to innovate and produce new solutions. These organisations focus on process effectiveness as well as efficiency and operate smoothly across global markets
At Corient, we use the following steps to make the process more efficient :

  • Process Blueprint
  • Application of Best Tools from Six Sigma- FMEA, SIPOC, Pareto and Non Value Add
  • Identification of Best Fit Tools and Technology
  • Analytics
  • Measurement Framework
  • Benchmarking against best is class enterprises
  • Project Planning and Implementation
  • Review and Closure