Service Level Framework

Corient has laid down a great emphasis on building a strong and robust service level agreement framework. The Service Level Framework is not only based on traditional parameters of Turnaround Time and Quality but also includes strategic business objectives which include end business goals, cost reduction, etc.  We have developed a monthly balanced scorecard that rates all of the services that Corient Provides —both consulting and outsourcing. For the outsourcing arrangements, 50 percent of the scorecard rating is based on execution excellence (according to service level agreements), 25 percent on business value delivered to client, including the creative ideas and process changes recommended, and 25 percent on customer satisfaction.

We develop Service Level Agreements with the following objectives:

  • Focus on understanding and meeting your desired business outcomes
  • Service levels are designed by requirements, not data.
  • Service levels are collectively exhaustive – No two SLAs measure different aspects of the same symptom