Recovery Audit

While the technology has advanced and there have been significant improvements in the process, there are several areas for overpayments which the Business Owners tend to overlook given the speed of the transactions. Potential problems that are discovered in a recovery audit include:

  • Contract compliance issues
  • Pricing and currency errors
  • Overpayments and duplicate payments
  • Unclaimed cheques and paid credit memos
  • Shipping Errors and Fictitious vendors
  • Improperly applied taxes
  • Missed cash discounts
At Corient, we offer a solution to ensure your overpayments are minimised.
  • Deployment of Tools- We deploy our Proprietary Software – CRecs which helps in maximizing your recoveries, shorten claim approval times and audit closer to the transaction
  • Fix the Process- we have solutions to identify potential overpayments before they occur and experts that can help you identify – and fix – the root cause of issues leading to leakages
Our Services help you in a better bottom line with minimal vendor abrasion. Whether it’s merchandise purchases, accounts payable, lease and property payments, telecom, freight, marketing and media expenses, taxes, import duties or healthcare claims, we will help you to ensure you get all your money back