Manufacturing is critical to the success of the economy. The Country’s strength as a prosperous nation is built on manufacturing. A thriving modern manufacturing sector is central to the future success of the economy
While the opportunities are immense, there are several challenges posed by the manufacturing industry:

  • Increased cost of production due to high raw material and energy costs
  • Emergence of low cost nations such as China and India
  • Innovation and New technology making the current technology obsolete

Due to the above challenges, companies are not able to focus on the non core side of the business which drags down the profitability of the business. Most  companies have real challenges in managing their back office. Some of the challenges include Books are not maintained on a real time basis, delayed collections, management reporting not available, no real  MIS system, etc.
At Corient, we do understand the majority of issues and work shoulder to shoulder in helping the customer to overcome these issues. Our unique offerings  include managing the back office, Finance and Accounting, HRO. These offerings have helped our customer to focus on their core business while reducing  overheads