Hiring and Training

The success of any process or initiatives purely lie in the skills set of the team managing the initiative. At Corient, we lay a great emphasis on the hiring and training process. We follow a very robust methodology to ensure we have right kind of people to manage the in scope activities and have the right skills sets to ensure world class delivery

We follow a six step approach to Hiring

  • Scope of Work
    We undertake a detailed review of the job to be undertaken by Corient. Based on the job, we identify the skill sets required for delivering the processes
  • Validation of Skill set matrix.  
    Based on the job review, we prepare a skill set matrix which is validated along with stakeholders. The same is shared with Human Resources and Consulting companies for identification of resources
  • Interview- Written Test
    We undertake a written and other test to ensure the candidate has the  right knowledge of the processes
  • Interview- Face to Face If the candidate clears the written and other test, face to face interview is taken
  • Offer Letter
    Once the offer candidate clears the interview, an offer letter is issued

Training is the most critical part of the process after the transition. We have developed 3 modules of training which include Communication Training, Domain Training and Refresher Training
Communication Training includes

  • Great Customer Conversation
  • Culture Sensitisation
  • Understanding customer/Speaking Clearly
  • Rapport Building
  • Product Expertise
  • Sequential Skill Based Training
Domain Training includes
  • Refresher Training on Communication
  • Subject Training
  • Systems Training
  • On the job training
Refresher Training
  • Training Quality
  • End User Satisfaction
  • Trainer Certification / Minimum Skills of Trainers