E Commerce

The internet has been acting as a new frontier that’s transforming and revolutionising the way business is conducted globally. The contribution of small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) is extremely important to the economy of many countries and their contribution cannot be over emphasised. SMEs account for more than 50% of private sector employment growth. Information Technology, particularly the internet has the potential to radically change the way business is conducted, offering a competitive edge and a gateway to the global market place. E Commerce has given a competitive advantage for SMEs to take up the challenge posed by Supermarkets and Organised Retail. However, there are several challenges faced by E Commerce Companies which are listed below:

  • Security
  • Web site issues including that of keeping websites up to date and current
  • Technology issues including costs, Software, infrastructure
  • Business challenges including that of logistics
  • Customer service

At Corient, we do understand the majority of issues and work shoulder to shoulder in helping the customer to overcome the issues and provide a seamless experience to the end customer. Our unique offerings for E Commerce Companies include managing the back office Inbound Customer Service, Outbound Campaigns- Emails, Finance and Accounting, Website Design and Maintenance and Web Analytics.