Care Homes

Care Homes are currently at a junction where the Government is reducing the fees while the demand is growing due to an ageing population across the globe. Challenges for Care Homes are likely to be compounded by the social, political and economic contexts in which care homes operate, and will result in further, unprecedented demands on care home services, including:

  • The population is ageing and people are living longer with long-term conditions and disabilities, resulting in increasing care home needs.
  • There is the much cited goal of shifting care from provision in the acute to the community sector – the argument being that the community can best accommodate patients’ needs.
  • As the Government struggles to meet increased demand on its services with less money, reducing lengths of stay and bed capacity will lead to more people being cared for outside of the state hospitals, including in care homes.
  • The work of care home staff is clearly critical to the lives of many vulnerable people, and the challenges to staff providing high-quality care are being long overlooked

At Corient, we clearly believe that the principle goal of the Care Home is to service the well being of the community whilst leaving the balance of non core functions for Corient to manage. Corient has over time developed specialised services for Care Homes. Our Services whether its Finance and Accounting, Providing Business Process Management Systems or Workflow,is helping Care Homes to reduce costs and has immensely helped our Clients to manage their relationships effectively