How to differentiate your practice with other Accounting firms

Every Accountant before setting up his practice desire of becoming one of the best in town but their desire of getting more clients force them to join the rest.

Accountants can take following few simple steps to differentiate themselves from the rest:-

Delegate your work: Don’t do everything yourself, start trusting your staff to perform a better job. It will be difficult in the start but it improves the overall performance of the practice. If you have staffing issues then consider outsourcing the extra work, this will allow you to concentrate on more productive areas i.e bringing new clients.

Have your presence in social media: Get yourself in LinkedIn, twitter, facebook. It gives clients a snapshot of who you are and how you operate and can work well for them to assess whether to appoint you as an accountant. These tools are very cost effective and in most cases it will only cost you the time it takes to update your account and it is fast too.

Give preference to quality than quantity: Don’t waste your time looking after those clients who don’t appreciate your efforts and times even if you have to giveaway those few low fee payers.

Provide add-on services: Have a strong and reliable network of good professionals around you so that you can provide complementary services like mortgage, pension planning, insolvency issues to your clients straightway rather than saying no to them.

Always be connected to your client: Most Accounting firms generate new business through referrals from their clients.In few instances Accountants notice that there highest paid client is introduced by a taxi driver client.

Show your client that you care for them: You must dig deeper than simply asking clients what they want. You should determine their greatest “pain,” even if it is unexpressed, and begin to match this requirement with varied choices.

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