Document Management System

Is your office paperless….In the current world of Smartphone’s and the Go Green campaign, it’s becoming increasing important to make your office space more sleek, clean and reduce your carbon footprint. But you still need to be able to access and retrieve your information fast. There are various reasons for the need to access stored data, business needs, HMRC and peer review etc, where stored documents have to be produced at the speed of light. This is where a Document Management System based upon digital images can help.

Some of the key considerations you need to make before making your document management filing processes:

  1. Segregation of Documents- Segregate documents between your clients, your own mails, client correspondences, etc
  2. Define the frequency of filing
  3. Define the way of filing the documents

Once you have decided on the filing system, you need to consider what kind of scanner needs to be bought and whether you need to use Sharepoint or other available software.

Some document management systems offer the following services and they can file your documents as a soft copy which can be accessed from any part of the world:

  1. Know Your Customer
  2. Correspondences from HMRC and Other parties
  3. Your client records
  4. Records and Reports created by you for your clients
  5. Your own correspondences
  6. Key and Critical Agreements

You can choose low cost and simple applications to make your office paperless. These applications and data repository are secured and meet international security standards. There are several big and small players in the market including Microsoft, Documentum and Corient

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