7 Steps to Improve Staff’s Performance

Passionate employees are the key to differentiating your company from competitors and grow your practice. Firms need employees who believe in the company and the value of the services it provides to clients. They need employees who are willing to be creative, have a common sense approach to decision-making, are innovative, and yes, passionate about the firm’s mission.

Below are the few simple steps to make your employees passionate about your firm’s growth

  • Key Performance Area- Set up a Key Performance Area for your staff at the start of the year. If you are going through a high growth period or negative growth period, have it done more frequently say every six months or even a quarter. If you are going through a very stable state, yearly goals should be good enough. Articulate goals set for your employees in as much detail as possible. Link goals to numbers wherever possible
  • Equip Your Staff- Make sure your staff is equipped with all the tools they need. Ask your staff if they need any help to deliver the goals. Provide tools or assistance wherever required
  • Review- Review the goals set for your employees on a monthly basis. You can just give them the update about the progress and suggest areas for improvement if they are not on track
  • Training- Make sure you identify areas of improvement for your staff and you send them for training.  Training can be for MS Excel, Report Writing, Use of New Technology, etc. There are several free training sessions also available which are conducted by Local Trade Promotion Councils. You can register your firm at local Chambers of Commerce
  • Innovation- Make sure you have an innovation box centrally located at your office. Promote employees to drop in their ideas into the innovation box. Review the ideas suggested by employees and atleast implement one of them at regular intervals. Put a reward for best idea of the month and so on.
  • Rewards and Recognition- Have a monthly/ quarterly reward system set out for your practice. Recognise people who have performed best. This will motivate others to perform as well. Have a Wall of Fame posted on the Office Wall. Whoever wins the awards, put his photo and name on the Wall of Fame
  • Family Get Together- Make sure every year, you arrange for a family get together of your staff. Recognise all the staff members. Your staff will feel proud when they get rewarded in front of their family.

In a nutshell, your staffs are key to your firm’s growth and all the above steps will make them partner your firm’s growth

About the Author

Sachin Lohade is a Chartered Accountant and works with Accounting Firms to improve practice and reduce costs. He can be reached out at sachin@corientbs.com or you can visit www.corientbs.com for further information

How to differentiate your practice with other Accounting firms

Every Accountant before setting up his practice desire of becoming one of the best in town but their desire of getting more clients force them to join the rest.

Accountants can take following few simple steps to differentiate themselves from the rest:-

Delegate your work: Don’t do everything yourself, start trusting your staff to perform a better job. It will be difficult in the start but it improves the overall performance of the practice. If you have staffing issues then consider outsourcing the extra work, this will allow you to concentrate on more productive areas i.e bringing new clients.

Have your presence in social media: Get yourself in LinkedIn, twitter, facebook. It gives clients a snapshot of who you are and how you operate and can work well for them to assess whether to appoint you as an accountant. These tools are very cost effective and in most cases it will only cost you the time it takes to update your account and it is fast too.

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